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Live to Inspire Productions is a growing Independent film production company.  Live to Inspire Productions has organized events that connect the directors of film and theater with actors in a networking environment. Creator of the Chattanooga Actors Film & Theater Network - Established 2014.



Shelia Wofford, owner of Live to Inspire Productions

Actress of Film, Television, Commercial and Theater, Writer, Director, Filmmaker 


Shelia is a SAG-E (Screen Actors Guild Eligible) professional actress of Film, Television, Commercial and Theater. She is a writer, director and producer of theater, and a filmmaker. She has worked on set with Queen Latifah, Robin Givens, Tyler Perry, Rodney Perry, Dolly Pardon, Carl Marino, GregAlan Williams and  Tommy Ford. She has played a wide range of roles and characters such as Judge Carolyn Stokes on a TV series to  Susan Plaxton/Head Federal Agent in a featured film. She has a great eye when it comes to creativity and talent. Shelia is inspired by creating and writing her own film projects. She has worked with some of the top directors and writers in Atlanta, Chattanooga, and Knoxville.  To view Shelia Wofford’s  acting credits of film, TV, Commercial and theatre, please click the IMDb logo.

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