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Jan Belk/Chattanooga Theatre Centre

"Great work, Shelia, on organizing this event! Wonderful to see new and familiar faces. It was certainly worthwhile for the Chattanooga Theatre Centre to be there. We will be back in February!"

Chase Parker/Actor, Director

"Congratulations to Shelia Wofford and the entire team at Live to Inspire Productions for coordinating a great event, this afternoon!"


Michelle Gilbert Tatum/Michelle Tatum Film Project

"Congratulations Shelia Wofford! Job well done my friend. Can't wait to participate in the next event! I've got some great talent to choose from.

Thank you!!!"

Tommy Goddard/Ripple Productions

"What a great time today at the event and congrats to Shelia Wofford and co. for planning a great time. Well organized and well done. As a vendor I felt very well cared for and supported. It was great seeing so much talent come out."

Apryl Kelli Hughes/Ripple Productions

"Today was wonderful! I am so glad to have been a part of this event, and I am eagerly awaiting the next one!"

Jan Rockholt Bramlett/Producer

"Had a wonderful time today meeting the vendors and connecting with the local talent. As a local producer, it was very gratifying to see the great turnout."

Austin Quarles/Physically Awkward Films

"Physically Awkward Films had such an amazing time at the event! It was well organized and such open and welcoming event hosts. Great job, guys!"

Carolyn Rose Miller/Talent

"It was so much fun! Thanks for organizing this Shelia Wofford. Talked to some fantastic people and made some great connections.... I'm ready for my close up! Who knows!"

Constance Edwards Gaines/Talent

"Thank you Shelia Wofford for inviting my nephew and I to your "Live to Inspire" event. We received great information regarding Actors Film and Theater."

Charles Patterson/Christal Entertainment

"What a great event you had Shelia, Awesome!!! so many new faces in terms of actors and performers all together. I can only see this getting bigger!!! Thank You for allowing Christal Entertainment / Daresha Rice and myself to be a part of it."

Becki Jordan/Actor

"Sheila, you and your team organized a wonderful event! I enjoyed it so much and look forward to February! Congratulations to all!"


Juanell & Charlotte/Talent Trek Agency

"Thanks for an amazing event. You and the staff were fantastic and so helpful. Met some talented actors, new friends and saw some old friends. When can we come back for another one? It was a great success! Shelia you are such a giving person as this type of event is done out of love for the people and the arts."

Timothy Shields/Actor

"Had great time at the meet and greet today. Thank you Shelia Wofford for putting this together. It was also nice to see Juanell Charlotte TalentTrek. It was so very nice to meet you all in person."

E.J. Laughter/Actor

"Thanks to everyone involved in this event but especially a huge thanks to Shelia Wofford who put this event together.  I made many great contacts and just about a week after the event I was cast as Lenny in the Chattanooga Theatre Centre's upcoming production of Of Mice and Men.  Opening night is Friday 3 October at 8pm. I look forward to seeing all of you there!"

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